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October 29, 2005

I just read an eye-opening letter written by long time Congressman Frank
Wolf about Delegate Dick Black. It was published in one newspaper and
maybe some other papers will pick it up. Or maybe some will not have
room for it.

Please vote to re-elect Delegate Dick Black on Nov. 8. Since his
election in 1998, Delegate Black and I have worked closely. He is a
vital member of my team.

Together, we made substantial traffic and safety improvements on Route
15. By improving dangerous stretches of Route 15, Delegate Black has
undoubtedly saved a number of lives.

Delegate Black's Route 28 legislation is bringing dramatic improvments
to traffic flow on that busy corridor. He secured over $200 million in
highway construction money to build six major Route 28 interchanges.
That project could not have been built without Dick Black's important

We need Dick Black's transportation leadership to widen Route 28 and to
finally eliminate its remaining traffic signals. Completing Route 28
will create a relialbe, high-speed freeway. Together with the widening
of I-66, this project will considerably hasten the trips of many commuters.

Much has been accomplished in this area, and much remains to be done.
Delegate Black and I will work closely to widen Route 7 from Loudoun
County to Tysons Corner and to remove traffic signals wherever possible.
Dick has already secured money to begin that process but more will be

I need Dick Black to help me resolve the transportation challenges
ahead. He has been a capable, effective teammate, helping me tackle
challenges facing our region, I urge you to vote Nov. 8 between 6 am and
7 p.m. Please help me reelect Delegate Dick Black. UNQUOTE

--- Frank R. Wolf, United States Congress, 10th District


You are invited to attend and witness another shovel ceremony for
another new intersection.

>>>Can you come?

Join Loudoun's Supervisors, Delegates, Congressmen, Senators and other
dignataries from V.D.O.T. and the hard hats who do the work.

The dangerous intersections are being eliminated one by one. Sterling
has lost several dangerous intersections and now we are losing another.

Help me say GOOD BYE to another dangerous intersection as we build an
overpass to improve the travel time and make it a lot safer for you and me.

No more long waits at Route 606. No more long waits at Church Road. No
more accidents (ZERO) at Cedar Green. Now its Sterling Blvd.'s chance to

I hope you can make it to the ground breaking ceremony on Tuesday,
November 1st at 8:30 a.m. for the Route 28 Interchange at Sterling

Let's not forget the role Delegate Dick Black had in all of this.

From Sterling: going south on Sterling Blvd. towards Route 28 turn left
on Shaw Road, then another right onto Holiday Park Drive. The event will
be on the right.

From Route 28: turn north onto Sterling Boulevard, then make a right
turn onto Shaw Road, then another right onto Holiday Park Drive. The
event will be on the right.

Message signs will direct guests to the parking area.

This is the website that explains how $200 Million is raised and spent
to improve Route 28:

Full color maps of every planned new overpass and intersection including
the new
Sterling Boulevard intersection.


The Loudoun Connection reports favorably on Supervisors defense of
Haseltine Shockey's sale of her home to Loudoun Hospital and publishes
photo of me presenting flowers to her.

Headline: Supervisor Displeased with Anonymous Flyer/Board of
Supervisors agree that citizens should put more energy into focusing on
the issues than name calling

SEE THE NEWS VIDEO: Haseltine Shockey tells WUSA News how downzoning
would take away her dream for her farm.

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