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June 14, 2002

Today, Friday, June 14 is Flag Day. We really have gotten good use of our American Flags since 9-11. Its never out of style now a days. Not too early to figure out where to put another one for the July 4th holiday.

What is going on in Sterling?
Or Where is Supervisor Delgaudio Next?

I have been attending a variety of community meetings, home owner association meetings and interviewing potential members of citizen advisory committees. There is a vacancy for a Sterling Representative on the Women's Commission and the Planning Commission. See me or send a resume. Thanks.

At noon today, Friday, I will meet with volunteers at Park View High School to help prepare for the all night party for graduating seniors on Saturday night. If you wish to help with the set up, meet me at noon or report to Bonnie at the school any time between 12 noon on Friday and 10 P.M. on Saturday.

On Saturday, I will be greeting graduating seniors at the graduation ceremonies at the Patriot Center and working at the all night party for seniors also.

Tonight, at 8 p.m., the Sterling Playmakers will host two one-act plays that should be fun. Their venue is the Sterling Middle School. I will greet citizens attending the play.

The Board of Supervisors meets on Monday, June 17, all day. And there will be a joint planning commission- BOS meeting during the week.

I will be attending the Monday, June 24 meeting of the Republican Committee at 7:30 p.m. Chairman Suzanne Volpe has announced that there will be a collection for the (former Sterling Commissioner) Tim Page Childrens Memorial Fund during the meeting. Bring a check book. Thank you.


The Washington Post calls it "the area's best sports rivalry" and "one of the premier attractions in Loudoun County."

It was the 3 seasons competition between Broad Run HS and Sterling District's Park View High School Girls Softball.

Hundreds of young girls and their parents from the elementary and middle schools came to see these contests over the past 3 seasons. Our Park View High School girl's softball team acquired quite a following.

Now, Park View H.S. Patriots have won the contest and the state championship.

Park View High School's softball team had lost to Broad Run HS four times this season heading into the Group AA championship game last Saturday, June 8th.

Park View Girls Softball beat Broad Run 1-0 in 12 innings at Radford for the state title.

Saturday's victory gave Softball Coach Beth Walker her third state title and 336th career win. The 2002 Park View squad finished with a 19-5 record and became the first Loudoun athletic program to win three state titles in any sport.

Walker is the only softball coach in Park View's 26-year history. "I came with the building, " she has said.

This year's championship was not with out its moments of angst and despair.

After winning the state semi-finals Friday, the Patriots found out they wouldn't be able to move the start of the championship game up from 5 to 1 p.m. Saturday. That meant many of the players would have to miss Park View's prom.

"There were a lot of tears, but then came a lot of support from the girls for each other," Walker said. In the end the coach and her players turned this misfortune into a motivational tool.

"If we're not going to prom, we're going to make it worth it," was the prevailing sentiment, Walker said.

In my opinion, these state champs need a "Make Up Prom" Night. Do you agree? I have spoken to the coach and they have selected some dates next month, in July.

If you would like to help sponsor, with financial support, a "Make Up Prom" for the Park View High School Softball Team State Champs, please let me know. There are 13 seniors (read 13 couples) that need a prom night because they missed the big one. Thank you.

I will be presenting a special certificate signed by the nine board of supervisors commemorating their championship on Monday in a special ceremony at 9 in the morning in the board room. Please take a picture. Or watch on Chan. 3.

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This past week, at the Tuesday night Transportation Committee meeting, I asked for and received assurances that there will be a large sign placed at Dranesville Road and Route 7 (Leesburg Pike) warning of a "red light camera" in the near future.

I asked for and got a representative from VDOT to find out and to tell me the date of installation. Transportation Committee Chairman, and my collegue, Supervisor Bill Bogard, again jokingly asked "are YOU still getting tickets"? And I replied again: "Yes, Loudoun residents are still getting tickets, without warning, from the Fairfax County government. I want to know the date when a sign at least warns our citizens."


During a discussion discussing "devolution" or the act of adopting certain state functions or jobs like the county putting up its own street signs and traffic lights, Supervisor Chuck Harris lamented the lack of adequate funds for traffic lights for busy intersections and the lack of money for bike paths. I asked "where did the money come from for the traffic light for the pedestrian and biker path at the W & O Trail at Church Road?" Harris replied, "from the Northern Virginia Parks Authority".

I said on the record, the money ($80,000.00) for the traffic light for a bike path could have been used better and wiser for building more bike paths or putting the traffic light at an actual street where there is 4 way vehicle traffic. Stop signs (COST $200.00 ) would have been cheaper and that is the method in Herndon and Hunter Mill Road for the bike path.

In my opinion, it is not normal or reasonable to spend $80,000.00 in tax dollars for a traffic light for a bike path when there are not enough traffic lights at busy and dangerous intersections and stop signs would do the trick as shown in other localities, just five minutes from here in Sterling.

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