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Tear Down This Wall

June 25, 2002

Last night, at the Republican meeting a resolution was read about Tim Page, Sterling's former Planning Commissioner. And a collection was made. Randy Minchew made a request for donations to the Tim Page Children's Memorial Fund c/o the Chantilly Bible Church. He said he would match the amount of the total donations made with his own donation. This is very generous. Two large hats were handed around and filled. I got up and thanked everyone for their donations and asked for their continued prayers for Tim, his wife and three children.

Work Sessions End for Now for BOS

"Loudoun County, Pull Down This Wall"

I just got back tonight from a joint work session (four times in the last 7 days) of the Planning Commission and Board of Supervsors. I brought up the topic several times, and tonight everybody agreed on my request to "pull down the wall" that was erected as a result of a regulation at Park View HS. For the sake of public safety, I asked for some flexability.The new wall actually creates several hundred feet of a blind spot where school authorities can not see where Students go. And a second wall, there for 30 years prevents neighbors from seeing the students either. A bad situation created by the "ordinances" and paid for with taxpayer money. Several Supervisors visited the site over the last few days and they all agreed, tonight, to amend the ordinances to allow for considering public safety when requiring "buffer fences" at schools. Thank you PC and BOS.


THANK YOU to those of you who are coming to my fundraising breakfast for Supervisor, Saturday June 29. There will be some special vip guests who are real heros. There will be some food for you and me to enjoy and everybody will be introduced if they wish to be. There will be a hearty breakfast at 8:30 A.M. Please tell me how many breakfasts I should order for you. This is the event for those you who HATE to go out at night time or on weeknights.

All right, Eugene, where is the event?

GLORY DAYS GRILL in Sterling, at the intersection of Dranesville Road and Route 7. Bring $35 as a donation. Thanks.


Frail of Heart or RINOs (Republicans in Name Only)


If you DO NOT live in Fairfax or DO NOT know someone in Fairfax, ( specifically Centreville, Chantilly, Fairfax, Burke, West Springfield and small pieces of North Clifton and Fairfax Station-- in the 37th Virginia State Senate District)


I am addressing an urgent matter concerning a friend named Mike Thompson.

There is a contest for the nomination of state senator in Fairfax County this Thursday, June 27. I am supporting Mike Thompson out of duty, loyalty and common sense.

30 years ago when I was 17, Mike Thompson was working hard for Ronald Reagan for President-- that was 1972 when Reagan was being drafted to run a second time. Reagan did actually run in 1976 and was beaten. Reagan ran again, a third time and won the nomination and the presidency.

I know Mike was working as hard as he could with every ounce of his being. As these 30 years have passed, I have kept up with Mike. He never let the fact that he was older and wiser, than me, ever interfere with his fair treatment of me or others as equals on God's earth.

In short, he has been supportive and a leader to conservative and pro-life causes all his life and has been devoted to his wife and family and to God's values.

If you like what I stand for and how I have led for our values, please accept my word that Mike Thompson has done me great service in helping me and other equally conservative and openly Christian candidates gain elective office.

As you know, I can never rest for our cause. I see the same restlessness in Mike Thompson. In 30 years, and without pause, he has kept a tempo of writing, speaking and agitating for conservative candidates, issues and is devoted to getting things right from a conservative perspective.

There are some relative new comers who are simply misguided in not supporting Mike Thompson and I will just respectfully disagree with them. Even the most hardened of conservative hearts are softened towards Mike's relentless and consistent service.

Mike has never let a temporary disagreement interfere with his respect for conservative advancement.

I will ot discuss what is coming out of the camp of Mike Thompson's opponent. I know real conservative leadership when I see it -- ear after year after year. I have desparately asked for a hand and help. And Mike Thompson has given me and others help when needed routinely for 20, 30 and (for some like Phyllis Schlafly) 40 years.

My heart rejoices that many old friends in the conservative and pro-life movement who I have worked with over these past 30 years are also supporting Mike.:

Eagle Forum Founder and RNC for Life Founder Phyllis Schlafly, former Congressman Jack Kemp, Family Foundation President Emeritus Walt Barbee, Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell, Former 11th District GOP Chair Anne Keast,, Chairman James Parmelee, Virginia Club for Growth Chairman Peter Ferrara, (who just gave a wonderful presentation cheered by the Republican Committee in Loudoun last night). All support Mike Thompson.

Let me quote Morton Blackwell:

"Mike Thompson is a Reagan Republican who has dedicated his entire life to working in and building the conservative movement. Having a steadfast pro-family, pro-life leader like Mike in the Virginia State Senate will greatly advance the principles we hold dear."

Here's what the pro-life leader Phyllis Schlafly says

"I've known Mike Thompson for 40 years and he is a solid, pro-life, pro-family Reagan Republican. His leadership qualities are exactly what's needed in Richmond. Please help nominate and elect Mike Thompson to the Virginia Senate."

Mike has pledged to me and others that he will vote, work and speak to protect life from conception and will never waver from that position. He will never vote for a tax increase.

If you live in Fairfax or know someone in Fairfax, ( specifically Centreville, Chantilly, Fairfax, Burke, West Springfield and small pieces of North Clifton and Fairfax Station-- this is the 37th Virginia State Senate District):



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