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County Responds To Requests Very Late, Posts Zoning Ordinances To Enforce Darkness

July 13, 2002

The county government has today posted the documents that list the rules to enforce darkness.

This information has been requeted repeatedly by national, state and local news media as well as many citizens.

Thank you to those who have requested the website posting of these regulations which have been written by the forces of darkness known as the "Night Sky Association."

The public comment phone line is 703-777-0115 and the e-mail address for the board of supervisors is The public comment is 9 a.m. Monday, July 15. The local newspaper is

This matter will be taken up late Monday. I am confirming: Santa Claus is coming at 9 a.m. NO MATTER WHAT ACTION IS TAKEN on Monday, your comments are timely because this is the beginning of regulatory actions.


If you can, go directly to the "DARK" ordinances 6.) These are the actual detailed draft ordinances that guide the enforcement of lighting in Loudoun County: copy and paste the below to get the full text of the ordinance.

If your computer needs to go step by step, here is the step by step for finding the lengthy and hellish documents on the lighting ordinances on the Loudoun County website:

1.) First, Board of Supervisors Meetings click on Board of Supervisors Business Meeting Packets


3.)Business Meeting Packets 4.) Click on 07-15-02 5.) final stop on your path.

Or Paste (5) in your window and highlight the below and click return to visit. url:

Item XIII-Comm.ofWhole,FutureZoningOrdinanceAmendments There is a one sheet memorandum prepared at Supervisor Bogard's (D- Sugarland Run) direction.

6.) These are the actual detailed draft ordinances that guide the enforcement of lighting in Loudoun County:


Actual Text Quote: It is the intent of this ordinance to encourage lighting practices and systems which will: provide glare reduction, minimize light trespass, conserve energy and resources, and reduce sky glow......

Supervisor Delgaudio comment: There is no way that normal Americans understand or comprehend fully what "light trespass" is or "reducing sky glow". They are too busy or too intelligent to bother with such freakish concepts.

Actual Text: Notes to Table 4.1 1. Flood or spot lamps must be aimed no higher than 45 degrees above straight down

Supervisor Delgaudio Comment: This abolishes all flood lamps, bright lights highlighting areas around houses and abolshes Nativity scenes or other bright displays at Christmas.

Actual Text 2. Exception: seasonal decorations using typical unshielded low-wattage incandescent lamps shall be permitted in all lighting zones from Thanksgiving thru 15 January.

Supervisor Delgaudio Comment: There are no typical or low wattage lights during Christmas. There are hundreds of homes with "garrish" displays to quote the Waterford spokeman in published remarks in the Washington Times this past Friday.

Santa on the roof with spotlamps. Santa high in the tree with five hundred watt bulbs inside his plastic red, and white plastic frame.

Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer with a one thousand watt red spot lamp lighting up the entire street. Spotlamps and flood lights on Santa on a surfboard. You want quaint and old fashioned, come to Sterling. You want darkness, go to Waterford. Don't force Waterford on Sterling.

And if you trust the Loudoun County Government to respect "typical low wattage" and enforce reasonable standards during Christmas time, then perhaps you don't think there is a need to shop early for the family.

NO ONE needs the forces of darkness with special powers during Thanksgiving? Unless this is an attempt to hide your house from unwanted relatives.

Actual text: (DEFINITIONS) 16.14 Light pollution. Any adverse effect of manmade light.

Supervisor Delgaudio comment: This is the first of its kind regulation in the country in an established urban area. Reducing "light pollution" for Eastern Loudoun invites criminals to invade enmasse. How many muggings per square foot are in the public interest when light pollution occurs. Liberals say muggings are okay and necessary to reduce light pollution.

Actual text 16.15 Light Trespass. Light falling where it is not wanted or needed, typically across property boundaries.

Supervisor Delgaudio comment: This would make a mockery of neighborhoods as busybodies take light meters around at night to police and enforce their concept of darkness in order to protect the night sky instead of humans.

Actual text 16.16 Lighting Zones. The four lighting zones are defined on the Lighting Zone Map

Supervisor Delgaudio comment: These will divide Loudoun as never before with layers of restrictions and government interference measured late at night. A whole new division of bureaucrats working at night will sprout up with "night time zoning enforcement" an entire new industry.

None of these new government employees will be Sheriff's deputies. None of them will be Neighborhood Watch volunteers. They will be trenchcoated jack booted stormtroopers driving suvs from Waterford or Middleburg racing through Eastern Loudoun seeking out violators and marking them down. Eventually any light leakage coming from a house will be treated as a nuclear meltdown.

The ordinances call for lights out at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard time across the board for entire stretches of miles of residential community and commercial areas. There will be no sanity left in government policies if ordinary business and routine existence must cease its operations at exactly 9 p.m. in order to obey the forces of darkness.

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