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Meeting and Hearing In One Day

May 6, 2002

This trendsetting E-Mail from Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio Set the Standard for Communication from Elected Officials in Northern Virginia. Published since 1999.

Party Still On May 13 (Last Item)

The Board of Supervisors will meet today Monday, May 6 and will also have a Public Hearing the same day. This is because of Town elections in Leesburg on Tuesday. The Board will meet from 9 a.m. to probably ten p.m. at night. Public Comment (your comment, if you wish) will be at 9 a.m. and again at 6:30 p.m. during the Public Hearing. And if you wish to comment on any of the 14 items on the public hearing agenda, you can do that too. I bet there will be at least one citizen that we will hear from at least 3 times in one day. May God Bless him or her.

Item One: I will vote against a Tax Increase

This board voted to raise property taxes an average of $400 per household this year and will also consider $1.00 increase in the E-9ll fee, which would result in a $2.00 fee for all telephone lines in the County in order to raise an extra $1,350,000 for their spending habits. I will vote against this proposed tax hike ("Utility Service Tax") which is item one at the public hearing set for 4 P.m. Monday.

Long Agenda, Long Day

There are about 27 other items on tomorrow's meeting and Hearing agenda, along with some vital briefings and presentations, and the Board probably will vote again to cut out out Board Comment. That's where I comment for 2 minutes on various county policies gone amok (like the Ashburn Historic District disaster -- I hope the county does not Ash Burn Sterling. Or how I have been predicting for months that the county's economic indicators will sink to zero. Now Friday the office of Economic Development reports a series of "zero" growth indicators for building permits and commercial rentals. One economic indicator shows a negative 100 per cent downward trend. ) I will not be silent during the usual board deliberations during the consideration of the 28 items.

Good News On Many Fronts

I was happy to greet the parents and hundreds of little Yankees and Orioles and Pirates in the Lower Loudoun Little League as they flooded the streets of Sterling and paraded for their first day of their season. Play Ball.

Last year I helped raise a large donation to the Sterling Foundation. I met recently again with the Sterling Foundation board, right after they spent a morning cleaning Sterling Boulevard, and promised to continue looking for new funding. I am hopeful of a major development on this front and will keep you posted when it becomes official.

Old Safeway and Wegmans Food Market

The Old Safeway building is being renovated by the new renter from top to bottom. There will be official news soon but this is great news for every member of the community.

And Wegmans Food will move to Sterling at a 130,000 square foot site near Route 28 and Waxpool Road. Construction will start late 2002 and finish late 2003. Wegmans offers high quality groceries and this is their first store in Virginia.

Sterling Advisors Meet

The Sterling Advisory Board, comprised of all my appointees and volunteer staff, met recently and will meet again in the Fall. The experienced commissioners welcomed the new commissioners and appointees. Everybody was enthusiastic about working together.

I joined former State Senator, and Governor Gilmore Appointee, Charles Waddell (D-Loudoun) as he was honored with the naming of a building at the NOVA Community College campus in Sterling. Senator Waddell's family and friends from all walks of life were on hand.

Sterling Needs A Super Volunteer

Super Volunteer Needed for helping keep Yard Sales Going at Briar Patch Park. Proceeds from monthly events go to the upkeep of the park. This "Super Volunteer" would keep track of rental fees for highly successful fundraising resulting in many new additions to the Briar Patch Park. The current volunteer is leaving after years of leadership. Let me know if you can pitch in and do this much needed job for Sterling.

Party Still On May 13

State Senator Bill Mims (R-Loudoun), Delegates Tom Rust and Dick Black, and at least one dozen other Very Important People will be on hand for my Friends of Delgaudio event on Monday, May 13 at 7 p.m. I hope you can come. It will be at Glory Day's Grill at Dranesville Road and Route 7. If you can come, that is great. I am asking for a $25 donation. If you can not come, please send your donation to Friends of Delgaudio, P.O.Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20167. There will be free soda and food and a cash bar. Please e-mail me back and tell me that you are coming and I will order an extra shrimp cocktail with red sauce for you.

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