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Vote by Phone Fraud

January 28, 2002

Republican Party Meets TONITE Monday, January 28

The Loudoun County Republican Committee meets Monday January 28 in Leesburg at the Government Center on Harrison Street. It meets in the same room as the Board of Supervisors meets. I always attend and sit with the Sterling members. Help me outvote the liberals. Meet me.

Will the GOP go on record against the sales tax increase? That is up to you, in part. If you show up and express your outrage over the BOS planns to raise the sales tax, in the Board Room, at a Republican meeting, maybe we can stop the big Tax Increase Machine.


Chan. 3 TV News and Leesburg Today online has reported the flip flop on how the Loudoun BOS has first voted against a sales tax increase and now has voted FOR a sales tax increase by phone. Hopefully other news outlets will report it too.


I am still in shock over the fact that out of the public eye and behind closed doors, the BOS "voted" by phone poll to support a sales tax increase.


On Wednesday, the Loudoun BOS was "polled" by phone by staff and a majority of Supervisors reversed themselves and said "YES" to a sales tax increase. BOS Chairman Scott York signed a letter and had it hand delivered to members of the House of Delegates from Loudoun stating the Board of Supervisors supported a tax increase.


I have told Delegates Tom Rust and Dick Black what I am telling you: When a voter casts a vote twice, thats fraud. When a Board of Supervisors reverses itself outside a meeting room on policy that it publicly voted on, thats vote fraud of the worst order.


"Board Backs Sale Tax Plan In Straw Vote" Headline

ON LINE ARTICLE BY Teresa Brumback

" Jan 25, 2002 -- Doing a U-turn on their decision this week to not support a sales tax referendum to help pay for transportation and education, members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors yesterday succumbed to pressure from a powerful leader in the House of Delegates and by a phone poll agreed to reconsider its position Feb. 4."

".....York sent a letter to Rollison Thursday morning announcing the favorable results of the phone poll but Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) who abstained with no position, wasn't happy at the turn in events. "Staff is controlling the Board of Supervisors," he said. "I think this is fraud. I think it's vote fraud."

Full text of article at


If you can write an e-mail and let the Board of Supervisors know how you feel about this latest travesty at

I will get a copy of your e-mail. Send it today even if you are out of Loudoun at work or whatever.

Or call the Chairman's comment line at 703-777-0115. Let him know how you feel. I will get a printed copy of the comments.

Let your delegates in Richmond know how you feel about the proposed sales tax increase referendum. Tell them you do not want a sales tax increase and that any vote to place a referendum on the ballot is a vote for a tax increase.

Here's their e-mails:

Please let me know if you are doing this. Thanks.

Delegate Rust Town Meeting

On Saturday, February 2nd, I will be at a town meeting of Delegate Tom Rust at Eastern Loudoun Library at 1 p.m. Let him know how you feel about the proposed sales tax increase referendum. I do not know how he stands on this issue. I will be there.

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