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June 6, 2002

More than one thousand people attended Tim Page's memorial service today. Thank you for the great outpouring from those of you who were able to attend and help remember Tim. Thank you to those of you who are praying for Tim and the family.

These prayers are needed.

I spoke today. And I gave witness to Tim's good example. So did many others and the service itself will stand as a turning point for many lives being turned for the better.

I wish I could hug everybody and give proper recognition to all of you who have worked hard these past few days even through tears and sadness. I apologise if I did not get to see or greet some of you among the many today.

Here are some testimonies given to Tim from some of the people who wrote me back over the last few days.

The very first conversation I had with Tim, he made sure I was right with God. -------Margi Wallo

He was truly one of the great ones. I remember all the times Tim stood up for people he did not even know. -----------Jack Shockey

Tim was one of the most honest and ethical people I have had the privilege of knowing, I deeply respect him and the Christian example he set for others. --------Herbert F Schantz

Over the past few years Tim and I had become good friends. It is such a testimony to Tim that public officials, like yourself, reflect on the christian life that Tim led. He is with the Lord, in Heaven, and worked for Christ while here on earth.

I just wanted to thank you (Eugene) for your words and expressing publicly his religious convictions. There is no greater memorium or rememberance for a believer in Jesus Christ than to have those who remain behind here on earth extol the virtues and dedication to that christian walk. Tim and I shared many stories about you, and he respected you greatly. At times it suprised me how much he looked up to you and backed your every move. -------------- Cris Criswell

I cannot express the shock of losing Tim, not only the loss to his family, but to those of us who respected and loved him in our own special way. His absence will represent a major loss to our community, our party, and to each of us who knew and worked with him. Such a sweet kind man. --------------------Charlie McKinney, Former Loudoun GOP Chairman

Please convey my condolences to Tim's family in the loss. The several times I had experienced his sincere heart and commitment to community was while supporting you. Tim was one who understood and lived the live of "washing others feet" in context of serving others. So few understand, and practice true servanthood as he did. While at (a) Sterling voting location, for 13 hours staight by myself, Tim was the only one who came by regulary to encourage, offer water or food, and be a cheerful co-laborer. On EAGLES WINGS, Tim, on EAGLES WINGS may your spirit be carried to our Father above. -------------David Minyard

It may be that God has intended us to learn more from this good and humble man -- who strived in all aspects of his life to lead a good Christian life and who understood his responsibility to God, family and country -- through his untimely death. than in the many days he might have been allowed to continue his life on the earth. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to know Tim, if ever so briefly. We might all consider not what we have lost but what we have gained by having Tim come into our lives. -------------------Helena Syska

A HOMILY ON TIM PAGE, sent to the newspapers as a letter to the editor from Lawrence V. Phillips, M.D.

I feel,.... that I have known (Tim Page)all his life after observing him work as the Sterling member of the Loudoun County Planning Commission, over the past two years..

As soon as his name is mentioned, either in conversation or in print, I am immediately reminded, "Isn't he the Commissioner who voted against the adopted Comprehensive Plan?"

In spite of the accolades heaped upon him, now that he is gone from our midst, what he did on that fateful day spoke volumes about this man.

His action was predictable, since he could never have supported any policy or legislation that would have affected anyone's property, be that personal or intellectual,. without that individual's absolute consent, let alone a policy that destroys people's savings held in property by as much as an astounding fifty seven percent.

Being a devoted family man, it would be beneath him to advocate any plan that would virtually eliminate housing for young families or discriminate economically against any one, especially working families trying to make ends meet.

Can you imagine Tim telling a farmer that he could not graze his cattle in the flood plain or water them in the stream running through his own land?........

For those who want to know the real Tim Page, they need only turn to the adopted Comprehensive Plan, where, I am certain, they will come to feel, as I, akin to this man, and why he felt comfortable opposing its adoption.

His untimely and tragic death should humble us individually as we try to find our own way in life attempting to set a similar example for others to follow......

Having been given honorable passage, a ritual all must someday muster, it seems only fitting that we not say goodby, but just "so long, Tim, see you later" My condolences to his family..----------------Lawrence V. Phillips, M.D. (Round Hill)

A self-proclaimed Liberal Democrat, David Whitmer, said about Tim Page the following

Tim led me to believe in being a better husband, father and Believer in Christ. As young fathers who believed in the value of public service, we had frequent discussions about marriage, fatherhood and our Christian faith. Tim's passing has had a great positive effect on me spiritually. I believe that God's plan was that I meet Tim and we have these discussions that reaffirmed my faith. As I said today, I am a better man because I was privileged to know Tim Page. ---------David Whitmer

A Property Rights Lady Gives Tribute

Thanks for sharing the info on our beloved friend......Thanks to you Eugene, we were able to know Tim and to know such a superb human being is one of the honors we in this county have had......his loss will be enormous, but I do believe that his legacy will live on in our hearts and hopefully his voice of reason and balance and kindness will live on in some of the otherwise harsh documents presently in preparation for the new (General Plan) ......certainly he gave us further reason to be proud of being Republican and we will miss him......sadly, ---------------Suzanne Walker Wright

These are all beautiful words and I appreciate them and the Page family appreciates them. Thank you all.

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