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Santa's Statement

July 16, 2002


(Leesburg) Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio today released comments made by Santa Claus (Jim Clarke. V-Pres. Citizens for Property Rights) at the Board of Supervisors Meeting, July 15, 2002, in opposition to the new Light Polution proposals.

(Quote) Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa brings you regards from the lands of the Northern Lights which will not be dimmed.

Santa has come here today to try to bring some sanity back to our wonderful Loudoun County. This attempt to control lightning and enforce darkness is a last minute effort by those who would use their rules and regulations from out west to bring us to accept their way of life. When have we, here in Virginia and Loudoun County given up our right to think for ourselves? We do not need the forces of darkness telling us that lights on sporting events, security lights, street lights or Christmas and holiday lights must go. While I can see that some exception is made for low watt and unobstructive seasonal lights, I can also see someone running around the county calling the light police because they don't like a spot light on Santa on the roof or a lighted Nativity scene.

Santa believes that you are in over your head with this one and you should just pass it off as good riddance while you can.

I am passing out a lump of coal to each of you. I want you to think about this lump of coal while you decide what to do about the forces of darkness. Santa keeps a list of naughty and nice. It has been suggested to Santa that I add a column for stupidity I am sure that no one on this board would want his or her name in that column.

By the way, Mr. Bogard, I bring regards to you from a delegation from Roswell, New Mexico. They fully support your effort to bring the forces of darkness to Loudoun County. As the American public has been kept in the dark all these years they feel they will be able to visit here between 9:00 p.m. and midnight when all the lights go out.

Vote to kill this new and stupid addition to our ordnances and regulations now. (unquote)

Supervisor Delgaudio escorted Santa Claus outside and thanked Santa "On behalf of the people of Loudoun County thank you for coming to show a good spirit in the middle of July".


Delgaudio said further "The board deliberated at length later in the day and then voted five "yes" (Bogard, Harris, Towe, Kurtz, Herring) to five "no" (Delgaudio, Hiatt, Burton and York) to send instructions to the Loudoun County Planning Commission to begin work on new lighting ordinances and defeated my request to throw out the proposed ordinances. We lost this fight but not the war. The next opportunity for public comment is September when the Board returns."


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