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August 14, 2002

Delegate Dick Black's wife, Barbara, has come through the surgery. The doctors are very pleased. She continues to recover in ICU. Delegate Black told me "We appreciate your prayers and support. Thank you all." So lets keep praying.


Late yesterday evening it was announced that the little 14 year old girl Erica Smith had been found, murdered. Pray that her soul is in peace and pray for the suffering family now in their loss. Pray that our deputies investigate and hunt down and find the people behind this horrific crime. If I find out anything, I will pass it on. I expect there to be a community outreach as is the custom with the Sheriff, Steve Simpson. I will alert you as to the time and date.


I attended the hearings today on the proposed ordinances and heard many speakers and many citizens voice opposition or outright confusion over how this county can do so much regulating and property management with so little notice to small property owners in Sterling and elsewhere. One man read a letter from the county to him in Sterling and asked me why he could not be told the difference in plain English between the present condition and the future condition of this small 1/4 acre parcel. And why would his 35 year old residential neighborhood ever be classified as "residential AND retail"?

A lot of this is tentative and there will be many changes in the proposed ordinances. I appreciate that. But the degree of rough drafts and corrections on the fly -- right in the public eye--- is staggering. And the upheaval is enormous to all sectors of society from commercial builders to home owners.


And I agree with one former Republican Supervisor who has explained to me:

" usual, the little guy in the little house is going to suffer terribly through enormous tax increases. I am not sure you (Supervisor Delgaudio) express the magnitude of the devastation to your constituents as much as you should. The situation is extremely serious, and not a whole lot of people have realized just how serious it is. The whole county is going to pay dearly for your board colleague's blind loyalty to the PEC (Piedmont Environmental Council)."

I agree, I am not sure I have expressed the magnitude of the devastation coming to Loudoun County adequately. I need help. That's why I share some of your comments when you send them.


Go to your personal calendar, and please take out your pen and mark September 24, 2002 and write in Pacific Rim Restaurant at 7 p.m. in Sterling. That is a Friends of Delgaudio event. It will be a Salute to Sterling. And you have to be there. Thanks.


Thanks to "Rice and Kabob Restaurant" for sponsoring this charitable event within hours of my e-mail yesterday. Way to go, Rice and Kabob. Anybody else who joins up will be plugged here too.

Leah and Friends invites you to become a sponsor for the Light the Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to be held at the Reston Town Center on September 28,2002. Leah is a 2 and 1/2 year old girl from Sterling who has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. They are looking for sponsors to be placed on the back of our team T-shirt for $1000, $500, and $250. In addition, they are looking for a major sponsor on the front for $5000. Not only will you be on their T-shirt, but your business will be mentioned in e-mail promotions, a program, at the event, and in the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society newsletter. You will also receive a letter, suitable for framing, acknowledging your gift and can have your picture taken presenting your gift, if you desire. You can contact Carrie Holdcraft at or 703-481-3387. Thank you in advance for your support in finding a cure for blood-related cancers, the leading killer of children.

YARD SALE on Saturday.

Here I am plugging a giant yard sale at Briar Patch Park this Saturday, August 17 starting at 8 a.m. Each vendor pays 15 dollars which goes to build improvements to that park. Over $30,000 in improvements so far. So go and buy something you need or something you don't need.

P.S. If you are new and want to see all of this year's Supervisor Delgaudio newsletters on the internet, please visit

P.P.S. Allow me to thank Jim Huber for constructing what is considered the most famous elected officials website on the internet. And my thanks to my new aide Donny Ferguson for assisting me in Leesburg. Margi Wallo is the treasurer and there are very generous people in Sterling who are keeping her busy with checks to deposit. Thank you all for that.

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