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Snow Is Great!

December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas. What a day. I had my hands full as I know you all did.

The new fallen snow that blanketed Sterling and Loudoun started while I was out with the children on Tuesday afternoon. They were squealing since yesterday and all day today and the snow contributed to the already high level of enthusiasm on Christmas.

I am grateful for the many e-mails, postcards and generous responses to the Christmas greetings from my family and to my request to help with the Year End Campaign Fund Total . Thank you.

I do appreciate the kind encouragement and quick turnaround on the part of many people.


Thank you to those of you who voted in the poll. Your quick response has shown up in the poll. I encourage others to vote. I know it is a busy time and the board probably won't care what you think anyway. Please vote any how.

Here's what one Sterling Community leader, James Kiser, says about the planned Supervisor Pay Hike (and, surprise, Delgaudio-appointee to the Park and Recreations Citizen Advisory Committee)

"One thing about the board and our county officials is the never ending capacity to take money from the taxpayer and give it away on things the taxpayer would not pay for themselves if they had the choice. The school board is not any better." -- James Kiser, as posted on the Leesburg Today website

72 % of Respondees to poll say "NO" or "NO PAY AT ALL" in the still posted Leesburg Today Poll. Here are the latest details for this important (still posted!) poll:

Results for "Should the pay be increased for the next board of supervisors?"
NO! 54.35% (50)
Do we have to pay them? 17.39% (16)
Yes, significantly 16.30% (15)
Maybe a little 11.96% (11)

Please vote in the poll by visiting


Staff reported to me on Christmas Eve that Public Comment is scheduled for 9 a.m. at the January 6 board meeting. This is the "regular" time for public comment (9 a.m.), but the annual meeting for organizational matters is still planned for an historic time of 7:30 a.m. Monday, Jan. 6.

God Bless you again on this holiday and keep the Christmas lights burning.

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