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LTM: Open Homosexuals, and "The Stevens" Gather in Sterling.

January 24, 2011
LTM: Open Homosexuals, and "The Stevens" Gather in Sterling.

Two elected officials with similar sounding names have teamed up to welcome homosexuals in Loudoun.

Stevens Miller is the Dulles District Supervisor who has run for delegate to represent Sterling Park and has in recent years expressed opinions, often contrary to the policies of the officially elected officials, about how Sterling Park communities should solve their problems.

John Stevens is the representative on the School Board from the Potomac District that represents the Potomac District and is currently chairman of the School Board.

Usually these two team up for some liberal big spending causes or in this case team up to promote the anti-traditional family cause.

And both have political wives who write or issue public statementes on liberal causes as well.

In the case of Stevens Miller, his wife frequently publishes remarks on a blog and serves as a director of the Virginia chapter of National Abortion Rights League (NRAL). In the case of John Stevens, his wife serves as vice president of the Metro DC PFLAG Board of Directors which founded the "Loudoun Out Loud", a group dedicated to providing resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender students in Loudoun.

Both Stevens Miller and John Stevens started last year on Valentines Day to team up with a pro-homosexual rights group to promote homosexual issues (see this article).

"Two of the county's elected leaders are scheduled to take part in an event on Valentine's Day that is being organized by a group advocating for gay rights."

LI Headline: Loudoun Officials Join Panel on Gay Rights

Now, both Stevens Miller and John Stevens are team up with Lori Stevens (3 Stevens, if you are counting) to publicly promote homosexual issues among Loudoun students.

Their goals are to have a full time staff promoting issues and clubs in the high schools and middle schools of Loudoun.

"Approximately 75 Loudoun County students and parents were at the Universal Unitarian Church in Sterling Sunday afternoon for the kick-off of Loudoun Out Loud, a group dedicated to providing resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender and questioning students and their parents."

LTM Headline: Q&A: Lori Stevens discusses gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender support group

LTM Headline: Sterling home to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender support group

According to published reports in 3 newspapers, the meetings will be held monthly at the same location as the Feb. 14 2010 Valentines Day pro-gay rights forum.

Prior to the news media articles the location of the actual meeting was "confidential" and a public statement was made that interested citizens needed to rsvp first before learning of the location.

Even supporters thought that was wrong.

There's no secret that a pro-homosexual team is working as part of their public office and policies year in and year out.

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