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Virginia Delegate Tim Hugo: Bully Scott York Should Resign.....Delgaudio: York is hypocritical bully who opposes commuter lot for poor people while supporting Metro and Giant Truck Highways for Air Cargo

July 7, 2013

Del. Tim Hugo says fellow Republican Scott York should resign from transportation body

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio said today: I have to re-consider my support of a road that seems to the be the center of a controversy involving the threat or bullying of the Town of Leesburg if they oppose Scott York.

"Delegate Tim Hugo recognizes a threat when he hears it. It is exactly the same thing when York threatens to take away funds from Sterling because I am the supervisor or opposes the opening of a donated fully built Commuter Bus stop to deprive Sterling residents of commuter buses. He uses "bully tactics."

I have sponsored legislation to open a fully built commuter parking lot in Sterling to service a very dense populated built out section of Sterling yet the Board of Supervisors refuses to open it soley due to Scott York's bullying of Supervisors. The proposed Sterling lot uses very little tax funds compared to other lots and is technically "tied up" or stalled over a non-existent traffic issue. Chairman York has tied up the commuter parking lot even though staff members in the county have testified and even supervisors themselves say, on the record, the traffic issue brought up by Chairman York should not stall the opening of the commuter lot. But it is stalling it non the less.

On behalf of the people of Sterling and Loudoun who would be serviced by the commuter parking lot, I ask the board of supervisors to stand up to the bully Scott York, " said Eugene Delgaudio

The proposed commuter lot is on the July 19 land use committee meeting for "consideration" but it is stalled from going to the full board of supervisors since it is being played with over a minor traffic issue brought up by Chairman York.

The issue is a warrant study for a traffic light when the travel or road traffic will be "c" (letter "c")

grade with or without the park and ride lot at the proposed Sterling location. There would be no impact whatsoever on traffic on the intersection or roadway according to staff studies.

The warrant study of a traffic light could take six months to 2 years based on similar studies in the Sterling and Loudoun region and the traffic light being built could be five years.

"Chairman York intends on never supporting a bus commuter lot for the poorest people in Loudoun, centered in Sterling, until he gets his traffic light-- which means never because the warrant study will never allow a traffic light at the proposed location or engineering and funding for a light would take as long as a decade," Delgaudio says.

The Washington Post reports "A Republican opponent of a proposed road that would connect Loudoun and Prince William counties said Wednesday that Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott K. York (R) should resign from his role on a regional transportation body over "threatening" comments he made to the road's detractors."

Del. Timothy D. Hugo (R), who represents parts of Fairfax County and Prince William, made the comments on Bruce DePuyt's "NewsTalk" on Channel 8 as part of a debate over the proposed Bi-County Parkway, which would connect Interstate 66 in Prince William with Route 50 in Loudoun.

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